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I trust Yuup!

Cosmetics for dogs


How wonderful if the world were more and more Yuup!

Dogs and cats are the first to think so. Especially when they have their bath. With high cosmetic products, luxurious in texture and fragrance . But not only. 

Yuup cosmetics are safe because they respect the physiology of both human and animal skin. And thanks to the specifically designed packaging, they keep the active ingredients and performance unchanged.

Be it for professional grooming or for domestic beauty routine, try the high concentrated vitamin and quaternized Keratin treatments. A true beauty elixir for the hair and skin.

What else? We are happy to be Yuup! 

For the care of our four-legged friends, we choose a thousand times Yuup! The customers of this brand of beauty products for pets launched in 2011 by Cosmetica Veneta, are the…

Yuup! Cosmetics are more and more green. No phthalates, parabens, sulphates and petrochemical derivates. Only pure beauty for nature in all its forms. Goal achieved…

There are many ways to be Yuup! But perhaps one of the best is to enter the world of those who, for job or passion, take care of pets just like Yuup! does! Here we build synergies and multiply…

Would you like to try one of Yuup! Products ?


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