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Grooming Academy


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The good ones, this time, are not the four-legged friends but the graduates of the Grooming Academy.
Yuup! School offers educational courses to become professional groomers and open a beauty salon for dogs and cats. But there is more.

For experienced groomers there are classes and updating seminars with the most Yuup! masters. 

Grooming profession: why not?
250 hour lessons to learn the skills of the job and open a salon equipped for the care and well-being of pets.
The course takes place full time in…

Where? In the salons of Yuup! Master groomers
A 48 hour course dedicated to professional groomers, divided into 6 days.
During the lessons you will study the theoretical…

Today there are many opportunities to be always updated.
An example? The seminars of Yuup! Grooming Academy!
Full immersion training days on…



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