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“How should I brush my dog? How do I have to clean a cat’s ears? What do I have to do to work as a groomer? Which products are good for my pets? ” Everything you need to know about cats and dogs can be found here.

We will try to answer these and many other questions in our blog because we love animals and we want to share our experience with you in four different thematic areas.

Here you can read, see and share exclusive content that will allow you to learn everything, really everything, about our four-legged friends!

  • Cane bassotto sul tavolo del veterinario mentre il medico lo visita

    Dog diseases

    By in Curiosity, Vet Corner /

    Our faithful four-legged friends, dogs, are prone to a variety of diseases that can significantly affect their quality of life. It is essential for every dog caregiver to know these diseases, their symptoms, to understand how…

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  • Cane corgi è in piedi con le zampe sopra il tavolo della cucina di fronte alla sua scodella del cibo

    Dog behavior at mealtime: a guide to good table manners and a right diet

    By in Curiosity, Vet Corner /

    Dogs, known for their loyalty and fondness, can face various challenges in the family context, especially during mealtimes at the table. In this article, we will focus on how to teach our four-legged friends to behave…

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  • Donna è in mezzo alla neve con due cani neri che le fanno la festa

    Dogs and snow

    By in Curiosity /

    World Snow Day was celebrated on January 21st! What better moment to talk about the relationship between our beloved dogs with snow? In this article we will discover together which breeds absolutely love the white and…

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  • Una ragazza e il suo cane si strofinano la punta del naso

    Dog language

    By in Curiosity /

    Today we talk about communication! The topic is actually how to interpret positions and gestures of our four-legged friends Understanding dog language to improve your affinity Dog language is unique, it belongs to them and they…

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  • Cane beagle con degli attrezzi da lavoro giocattolo. Ci sono una cassetta degli attrezzi, un caschetto e in bocca il cane tiene un martello in plastica

    Building a doghouse

    By in Curiosity, Tutorial /

    Who among us has never experienced that feeling of well-being and happiness as soon as we finally get home, we lie down on the sofa and we curl up under a soft blanket? Even our four-legged…

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  • diritti degli animali per umani

    Animal rights: what can we do to respect them while staying by their side?

    By in Curiosity /

    The choice is in your hands. International Animal Rights Day is celebrated every year on December 10th and for us at Yuup! this anniversary has a deep meaning, because we believe that love towards animals is…

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  • Cane beagle con una decorazione di renna in testa è disteso a terra

    Do dogs like Christmas?

    By in Blog, Special Events /

    Christmas is one of the most awaited days of the year for many people. The streets are decorated with sparkling lights, the trees and the Christmas decorations enrich the atmosphere of our homes and the scent…

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  • Cucciolo di cane seduto dentro un cappello di Natale

    Giving a puppy as Christmas gift: yes or no?

    By in Blog, Curiosity, Special Events /

    With the arrival of the magical Christmas season joy, love and solidarity are in the air as well as so many feelings that you want to express through a gift to your loved ones. Which gift…

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