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Dog-walking: all the benefits in a walk!

Dog-walking: all the benefits in a walk!
June 5, 2022 Yuup
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Dog-walking: all the benefits in one walk!

We know that spring is the period of flowers, colours and in which the days get longer and we begin to enjoy the sun and a little heat.

What better than a good walk with your four-legged friend?

It’s implied that we always have to take our dog for a walk, regardless of the weather and the season, our pet needs to go out and stretch its legs often!

But before going out for a walk, read in this article everything you need to know about dog-walking: all the benefits in a walk! 


Dog-walking: un’oretta al giorno toglie lo stress di torno!

An hour a day relieve stress!

Let’s start with the true meaning of the word: dog-walking is the action of taking the dog for a walk.
In the pet world, many words in English have become part of the international vocabulary and many countries have welcomed these English words with great enthusiasm, so much that they use them in their daily lives.
One of the main benefits of dog-walking is, surely, the stress relief.

Many scientific studies show that dogs often suffer from stress, for many different reasons.

Some can be caused by, for example, moving to a new house or changing your usual work hours.

Stress, in fact, can affect the dog’s health and even the length of its life.

How can we avoid it?

The first natural remedy is surely physical exercise, indicated above all for working or sport breeds, such as Border Collie or Cowherd; but not only they need it, all dogs need to go outdoors regardless of the breed!

Dog-walking allows dogs to let off steam, run free in a larger space and helps them get through these difficult times.

It should become a good habit to have an hour of recreation with your dog, you will immediately see the benefits and your dog will thank you!


Il dog-walking migliora la salute del tuo cane, ma anche la tua

Dog-walking improves your dog’s health, but also yours

The quintessential benefit of dog-walking is surely health.

Not all of us have a home with outdoor spaces and large gardens, dogs normally live in an apartment and their lifes are mostly sedentary, this can cause numerous disorders and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In fact, the dog that is not used to going out often does not make many movements during the day: it walks from one room to another, takes many naps and, above all, eats. If it continues like this we will find ourselves with a great danger: obesity.

Physical exercise prevents the dog from accumulating pounds, reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also improves its muscle tone and helps its cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

And many scientific studies have shown that dog-walking brings benefits to both the dog and its owner.

Getting used to the pace of your dog, fast pace or jogging, keeps you in shape and becomes an activity that, adding it to your daily routine, will be a full-fledged workout. Your own dog will be your personal trainer!

If you live with a dog you can say goodbye to the treadmill, a run in nature is worth more than hundreds of miles run on a gym machine and the landscape is surely more suggestive!


Dog-walking: oggi piove, esco lo stesso?

Today it rains, do I still go out?

Time is always a dilemma, but as we have seen in the previous paragraphs, it shouldn’t be!

The dog needs to go out regardless of the weather, it does not suffer from meteoropathy; Our dog doesn’t care if it’s sunny or rainy, what matters to him is its daily hour of fresh air with its inseparable owner.

There are periods of the year when they are more willing to go for a walk, but the winter season also offers its share of fun. Do you know how happy your furry friend gets when it rolls around in the fresh snow?

However, the rain does not seem so stimulating, both for you and for your dog, but it can still become a good time to be together; It can be even fun: try jumping onto puddles together!

Are you already thinking about going home? Don’t worry, there are waterproof coats in all colors, you won’t know which one to choose!

When you come back from a walk in the rain, remember to dry it well with a soft cloth, paying special attention to delicate areas, such as the tail or the paws, places where they normally don’t like to be touched.

And finally prepare a relaxing bath with lots of cuddles!

We are in spring, in this period it is easier to go for a walk and rubbing on the grass will be a pleasure for our friends!

But beware of the dangers that lie in wait: ticks are surely the most famous enemies, they wait in the grass and are eager to cling to the hair of our beloved dog.

You can dodge this threat by spraying Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil Spray on your friend’s coat before going out for a walk. The natural ingredients give off an intense perfume that is a powerful repellent for annoying insects (not only ticks, but also mosquitoes, flies, horseflies and fleas).

So what are you waiting for? Take your dog and the leash and take it outside for a walk… enjoy spring!

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