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Dog’s breeds: your fluffy friend the Shih Tzu

Dog’s breeds: your fluffy friend the Shih Tzu
October 18, 2022 Yuup
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Shih tzu

“Mom, Dad, can I have a dog?” How many times have you heard this question? We obviously agree with them and want to give you some advice if you haven’t decided yet. Among the dog breeds most loved by families we find the Shih Tzu: a very soft furry friend loved above all by children. Since its small size, it adapts very well to life in an apartment.

cani taglia piccola

It has a very calm character, so if you decide to adopt a puppy that must be sweet and docile, they are the best option! However, it has a very strong personality and it’s a bit stubborn, but it’s always loving and sociable with the family, very playful, lively, intelligent and outgoing.
It loves being with people, and as soon as you sit on the sofa, it will show you its affection by doing the funniest poses; very often it will turn with its belly up, ready to receive cuddles! And when it fully relaxes, you can even hear it snore.
Allergies in the family? Do not worry, this dog loses very little hair and is therefore perfect for people who normally suffer from allergies to animal hair.

Some curiosities about the origin of the Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is originally from Tibet, where it was formerly loved and revered by Buddhist monks as a sacred dog.

It is said that during the 17th century these miniature lions were gifted to the Chinese Forbidden City. Its name in Chinese means “lion cub”, and in fact this breed was specifically bred to resemble a lion, as depicted in oriental art, becoming the preferred dog of the Chinese imperial court. Cutting their hair, it forms a small mane around their head, taking on the appearance of the King of the Jungle.

Shih Tzu appearance: long hair or short hair?

We often see Shih Tzu in different versions, and this can lead to confusion, even leading us to think that they are different breeds! The appearance of this breed is very versatile, in fact, you can decide whether to take your furry friend with long hair or short hair, based on your tastes. But we do recommend cutting their hair during the summer period, without shaving it because the hair protects them from the sun!

shih tzu a pelo lungo e a pelo corto

Have you decided to keep the Shih Tzu’s hair long? This is how you have to take care of it

The coat is made up of long, smooth and dense hair that reaches to cover the eyes with an abundant undercoat. These dogs need daily brushing and it is very important to take care of their coat! They also need to take a bath quite often (experts recommend even one a week).

Yuup! has created a line of products specifically designed for long-coat animals: with Keratin Serum your puppy’s coat will remain thick and healthy. It is a professional Quaternized Keratin restructuring serum that makes the internal structure of the hair stronger by sealing the cuticles. The Shih Tzu breed, in fact, is perfect for dog shows precisely because of its beautiful and soft hair but also because of its sweet muzzle, which is often highlighted with a coloured bow that reveals its tender round hazel eyes.

On the other hand, to revive the dullest, weakened, damaged, felty coats that present superficial knots and tangles, the Yuup! proposal is Revive, a blend of selected oils, with a light and non-greasy touch.

Now that you know everything about your friend the Shih Tzu, you just have to start taking care of it in the right way, your puppy will repay with cuddles and licks.



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