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“Help, my dog ​​stinks!”: how to eliminate the odour of the dog from the house

“Help, my dog ​​stinks!”: how to eliminate the odour of the dog from the house
September 28, 2020 Yuup
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Dog odour at home? Here are some useful tips to remove it

The dog odour in the house is something that dog owners are aware of almost from the beginning.
We probably love our pet dearly and love to dip our nose in its coat and say, “Mmm, that’s a great dog smell!” But when that smell lingers for days on cushions and rugs, and it’s the first thing that we realize as soon as we enter the house… then it is time to redress.

Why does the dog stink?

Sometimes we clearly notice the odour of dog at home as soon as we cross the threshold of the house.
But, why does the dog stink?
First of all, it should be noted that not all dogs give off the same smell. Some dog breeds smell “better” than others: Poodles, Maltese and Bichon Frise are breeds generally considered odourless.
Other dogs have especially oily skin, a characteristic that protects them when they are in the water, but without regular hygiene they will stink.

That said, the reasons why a dog stinks can be varied.
It should be noted that the dog has a particular body odour that no bath will be able to eliminate (and, in fact, it should not).
But there are odours and ODOURS. A healthy, cared for and clean dog smells good and is a pleasure to pet; because our sense of smell recognizes it as a friend we love.

A particularly sour and penetrating smell, despite hygiene, can indicate some alterations that the veterinarian will be able to diagnose after a visit. If we notice a strong smell, having to hold our breath, it is a sign that we should not take it lightly.

Lastly, dogs are especially attracted to strong odours; which are very interesting smells for them. Do not be surprised if during a pleasant walk in the countryside with Max you see a pile of manure in the distance and your friend runs swift and fast to wallow (… yes, these things happen too); Or if he rubs himself belly up with some dry bones, with a satisfied expression as if it was receiving a relaxing massage. Keep in mind that it will smell like a garbage can (and so will your car…).

How to avoid dog odour at home

Against bad dog odour at home, prevention is the best ally. For this reason, airing the house several times a day is the first step to obtain a more pleasant environment for our sense of smell. Aerating the house allows a change of air that contributes to sanitizing the domestic environment and preventing the formation of harmful moulds.

The dog’s scent tends to linger in the places where our four-legged friend likes to relax: his bed, the rugs, the sofa… and our bed!
If Bella has the permission to spread out diagonally in bed or dethrone you from your favourite chair, stock up on fabrics or blankets that are easily washable and protect your furniture. It won’t be pretty, but you can wash them regularly in the washing machine without any problems and they will help you to have a house that smells clean.

Also pay attention to the food bowl area: always keep the area where the dog eats scrupulously clean, including the bowls. And don’t forget that some foods have a strong odour (which makes Max salivate but turns our stomachs).

Last but not least, remember to take care of the dog’s hygiene.
“Let the muddy dog ​​in” sang the poet Jacques Prévert. But he also said: “you can wash the dog and you can wash the mud…”.

“Dear, has something made you sick?” Why does the dog’s breath stink?

What if it’s the dog’s breath that stinks?
As with body odours, the breath of a healthy dog ​​also usually stinks. If Max yawns in front of our face and you feel dizzy from the strong smell, it means that something is wrong. And if when he licks us we run to wash ourselves with soap and water, it would be better not to ignore the signal.

Alito del cane che puzza

In fact, an animal’s bad breath can be an indicator of dental or gum disorders that the veterinarian will need to monitor; it could be an example of needing a dental cleaning (dogs go to the dentist too!). In addition, the doctor will evaluate the state of health of the animal and, if necessary, will proceed with deeper analyses to prevent the presence of other pathologies.

Finally, we cannot rule out the possibility that our four-legged friend suffers from an eating disorder (allergies, intolerances to certain foods). Also in this case, we will ask our veterinarian.

Natural solutions to eliminate dog odour at home

To eliminate the dog’s odour that has accumulated in the house, it is possible to resort to natural and ecological products to clean the bed and the areas where Bella likes to be.

Sodium bicarbonate is an example of a very useful product to absorb and neutralize bad odours. Spread a little on your pet’s bed (we will prevent the dog from coming into contact with the bicarbonate because it can ingest it) or on his favourite carpet, let it act and vacuum.

Another “grandma’s home remedies” to eliminate bad odours is vinegar; We put a little vinegar in the water to wash the floor (be careful with delicate floors!), mixing it with the ecological cleaner that we normally use. Vinegar can be used to clean and degrease our pet’s bowls.

Instead, it is better not to use bleach or ammonia, which can be toxic to our pets. We cannot forget essential oils and incense, which, however natural they may be, can be toxic by inhalation. If you like aromatherapy, always ask a vet who is an expert in natural remedies for advice.

Professional products to eliminate the bad odour of the dog

In some moments there is little to do: the dog stinks like a skunk. Especially in those moments when he spends the whole day splashing in a pond or when he comes back from a walk in the rain (typical “wet dog smell“). In these cases, it is better to resort to professional products that eliminate the odour of your pet’s coat and skin.

First, Milo will need a thorough brushing to help remove dirt and redistribute sebum throughout the coat. Later, we will have to take care of hygiene with a suitable product, which combats the bad odour while respecting the pH of the dog’s skin and at the same time reinforcing the hair from the roots.
We must be careful and dry the dog’s hair perfectly after bathing it: a coat that stays wet contributes to the persistence of the bad odour.

Finally, there are moments when we need our four-legged friend to be not only clean, but deodorized. Perfumes and deodorants for humans that can irritate the dog’s skin and even damage the sense of smell, are totally prohibited.
Lastly, Bella can also have her own perfume, which will make her appealing to even the most suspicious of animal visitors, moisturizing the animal’s skin at the same time.

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