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Travelling with your dog: tips for easy holidays

Travelling with your dog: tips for easy holidays
June 22, 2023 Yuup
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Jack Russell Terrier bianco e marrone e Golden Retriever color noce sdraiati sopra ad una coperta rossa mentre ammirano, dal bagagliaio di un’auto, il panorama dei monti autunnali.

Ready, steady, go!

Summer is beginning and… time to travel has finally arrived. Whether sea, mountain, lake or city, there are so many destinations to visit. Pack your bags, but above all don’t forget the most important thing: your four-legged friend!

In fact, with the right precautions, it will be possible to always take your dog along to live extraordinary experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Just remember to take care of all aspects of your Fido: from the most classic things to keep in mind such as food and his food bowl to everything necessary for the beauty routine to keep his coat and skin healthy even on holiday… travelling with serenity.

Here are our tips for summer season: get ready as best as you can for your next trip!

Travelling with your dog in Italy

If you’re considering to visit Italy, to discover delicious cuisine, friendly people and dreamy summer climates, well you made the right choice. In fact, there are many pet-friendly accommodations and facilities in our country, wonderful places that willingly accept the company of pets during your stay.

But how to optimally approach the journey to the chosen place? Well, this will depend on your travel destination.

Travelling with your dog by car: mountain walks

A weekend (or a few more days) with your four-legged friend in the green Italian mountains, enjoying naturalistic hiking to feel completely free and fresh and discovering fascinating bathing lakes. What more could you ask for?

The car is certainly the most suitable means to reach mountain locations, especially when you travel together with your furry companion.

small black and white dog tied with a dog seat belt in the back seat of the car.

I’m ready, shall we go?

Before leaving, we recommend you to consult the Article 169 of the Italian Highway Code which regulates the transport of people, animals and objects on motor vehicles. In this way, it will be easy to find out about the equipment needed for the dog transport: your license penalty points will benefit of it as well as the safety of your dog and you which is even more important.

Once you’re in the car, you can pick between two different choices: a carrier or a dividing net.

  • The dog car carrier is especially recommended for small and medium-sized animals. Our advice is to get your pet used to spending time in the carrier since he’s a puppy, in that way he immediately adapts without fear or trouble. How to do? Before taking it to the car, place the carrier in the room where your pet spends most of his time, leave the little door always open so that he can discover it and leave some treats or delicacies inside to encourage a positive association. If you see that the puppy comes in of his own free will, reward him to make him understand that he is doing the right thing! You can even leave him a chew to stay there in peace. When there is a good confidence with the carrier, you can place it in the car, let the dog get in and then reward him. Lastly, as final step, you can make a test and take your pet for a short-haul car ride. It is important to follow these instructions step by step and, if you notice that the dog has some troubles, repeat the various steps.
  • The dog car barrier is especially useful when you have a large-sized four-legged friend who struggles to stay comfortable in the carrier. After placing the net, you can choose whether to place it in the trunk or in the rear seats by tying it with special dog seat belts approved according to European standards.

It is very important to properly accustom the dog to car transport precisely because it is an essential means of transport for daily travel. In that way we’ll guarantee he can deal with it with the right serenity. In addition to these small precautions, if you still have any doubts about his well-being, contact a dog trainer or a vet doctor expert in animal behavior.

Remember to take the Yuup! Tea Tree and Neem Oil Spray with you on walks in nature which acts as a natural shield against insects and parasites, to combine with the normal anti-parasitic therapy to which your pet and you are used to.

Travelling with your dog by train: a city trip

The train is a truly comfortable means of transport, which will also allow you to enjoy the travel by sharing time in company of your pet. Furthermore, it is also the most eco-friendly means of transport when you choose to move from your home to the most congested cities.

a white bulldog and his owner walking, side by side, along the platform inside a train station.

And now a few relaxing hours comfortably seated on the train…

An important thing to know is that when you travel by train with your dog he will be entitled to a ticket discount, or even a free ride!

To get into the coach together, however, it is mandatory to follow some simple rules:

  • you have to take with you the dog registry certificate and your dog health record;
  • dogs and all small-sized pets travel for free, just place them in the appropriate carriers with a maximum size of 70x30x50 cm. Large dogs, instead, must always wear the leash and the muzzle, soft or rigid, when getting on and off the train;
  • always remember to take with you the leash and the muzzle; the last one is mandatory by law to have with you and to use when necessary in public environments.


Are you ready to leave, but you’re afraid that your dog might suffer from city spaces?

Luckily, in Italy there are many centres that offer huge parks where you can let your dog run, bars and restaurants cooking for pets and museums where they can go and discover history together with you.

Before leaving, don’t forget to pack the Yuup! Paw Balm in your bag! The rough and hot city asphalt could impact on the dog’s paws, but thanks to the hydrating action of this cream you will no longer have to worry about it.

Travelling abroad with your dog

If your choice is instead to take the plane with your furry friend, it means that you are preparing for a real adventure abroad.

Travelling with your dog by plane: out-of-town trip

Whether it’s your first trip outside Italy or you are an expert traveller, it is good to have a checklist to make sure you won’t forget anything during the preparation phases for the trip in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when boarding.

small black dog sitting on the plane near the window looking curiously at the sky.

How exciting! Who knows where they’re taking me this time.

Maybe you are leaving with your pet for a month to explore the Pacific countries, or maybe you want to learn to surf with him on the coasts of Portugal, or more simply you can’t wait to chill by the sea until the sunset overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

No matter the destination, it’s essential to be aware of the basic elements for every travel by plane:

  • the microchip in accordance with the technical requirements about pet movements;
  • vaccination against rabies, in addition to normal annual vaccinations;
  • a valid European pet passport.

Cabin or Hold?

Generally, dogs, if small, can travel in the cabin inside a special carrier. They travel in the hold, instead, if they exceed a weight which, normally, ranges from 8 to 10 kg. In any case, to get on board, pets must not exceed 75 kg.

So if your pet weighs between 8 and 10 kg, he will be able to travel with you in the cabin inside a carrier, respecting the airline’s rules. On the other hand, if your four-legged friend exceeds this weight, transport must take place in the hold: don’t worry because the temperature and pressurization are more or less the same as those in the cabin, in order to guarantee your pet a peaceful and serene journey.

Keep in mind that for the well-being of your puppy it is not only necessary to comply with the travel rules. Yuup! therefore recommends a must-have for a light-hearted holiday with Fido.

We suggest you to arm yourself with Yuup! Sun Protection Spray to protect your four-legged friend from sun rays. Thanks to this product the coat of your pet will be more moisturized and will keep its natural color.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next holiday, obviously together with your pet!

Article written with the consultancy of Chiara Festelli, Dog Trainer.

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