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International Kissing Day: let’s celebrate the connection with our pets

International Kissing Day: let’s celebrate the connection with our pets
July 6, 2023 Yuup
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Ragazza tiene in braccio un cucciolo di cane e un cucciolo di gatto. Il cucciolo di cane le lecca il viso.

On July 6th, the world celebrates the International Stolen Kiss Day, also known as International Kissing Day, not to be confused with the “Legitimate Kiss” which is celebrated on April 13th. A special occasion that brings people together to celebrate the universal act of affection. In reality, the dates for celebrating the ancient art of kissing are different according to each country.

Where does this celebration come from?

The National Kissing Day was organized for the first time in Great Britain in 1990, specifically on July 6th, to give importance to the gesture of kissing in everyday life. Since 2005 this celebration has an international dimension, when a couple in England attempted the world record for the longest kiss: 31 hours and 20 minutes! Record then widely surpassed 8 years later by a Thai couple, capable of kissing for 58 hours and 35 minutes straight!

But if kisses between humans are the most common form of love expression on this particular day, the International Kissing Day also represents an opportunity to increase the emotional bond that can be created between humans and pets.

Elderly man is sitting on a bench together with two dogs and a cat. One of the two dogs is licking his face.

Humans and Pets: a deep bond

Needless to say, the greatest kiss stealers are definitely our pets!

So how can humans and pets create such a deeply emotional relationship?

The emotional relationship between humans and pets

We can say it, pets hold a special place in our hearts and lives. Their unconditional love, their loyalty and their daily support imply that from the very first moment we meet our puppy we feel an immediate empathic connection.

Here’s how this bond develops and strengthens over time.

Emotional comfort

Pets have an incredible ability to perceive and respond to our emotions. When we are sad, they immediately notice it and tend to move closer to us, offering support. Even without being able to use words, our friends through their gestures of affection and their silent presence are often able to improve our mood by giving us a sense of calm and serenity.

Unconditional sentiment

One of the reasons why the emotional bond between humans and pets is so powerful is the unconditional sentiment that animals offer. No matter what we are like, no matter our defects, no matter our story is: they will always love us unconditionally, without any kind of judgement. This feeling of acceptance helps us develop a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Sharing happy moments

If we want our life partner to feel happy, he must feel like a member of the family, by sharing, as much as possible, time and daily life inside and outside the home. While the cat is a more independent life partner and needs to have his own spaces of calm and solitude, the dog, on the other hand, is an animal that deeply loves company and loves collaborating with humans. So he will only feel satisfied when his days are shared with the individuals who are important to him: us!

Pets are witness of our daily happy moments in our lives: they share our laughter, our difficult moments, our adventures, our successes, our changes. They are always by our side, making our days more joyful and light-hearted. These shared instants create unforgettable memories and strengthen the emotional bond between us and our furry friends.

Responsibility and care

Taking care of a pet requires a great deal of responsibility. This mutual commitment creates a deeper emotional bond as we daily care for the physical and emotional needs of our four-legged friends. After all, if you think about it, it’s what we usually do every day of our lives, when we lovingly take care of a friend, a family member, a child or a husband: we give them all the love and attention they need and we find ourselves involved in an important shared affection.

This means that we feel the responsibility of feeding our fur babies in the correct way with top quality food, taking walks with them to encourage movement, paying particular attention to their health and their hygiene through a beauty routine by choosing safe cosmetics with natural ingredients to guarantee their well-being every day!

Little girl and dog are lying on the sofa with their faces touching

Pets are true friends, ready to support us at any time.

One thing is for sure: the emotional connection between us and our pets is made up of many different factors, but they can all have one element in common: the kiss. You will surely have noticed that your furry companions can use this gesture in different situations. We know that each of their gestures has a particular meaning, what do they want to tell us with a kiss?

The meanings of pet kisses

Every kiss has its meaning.

Start by saying that the kiss is not a communicative tool of canine language but an exclusively human one, this doesn’t mean that the dog cannot communicate his affection towards us in a different way. “Licking” is what comes closest to our concept of kissing. While for humans most of the time the gesture can be linked to a moment of love, for our beloved pets the kiss is used in different situations and contexts.

The “I’m happy to see you” kiss

The “I love you” licking can usually last a quite long time and in some cases can be a little compulsive with very frequent tail movements and small joy yelps. A bit like when, after a long day at work, you walk through the door of your house and your Fido is finally free to express all his happiness to see you again!

The “Everything is ok” kiss

You may recognize it when your dog, perhaps while playing lively or in a situation in which he feels uncomfortable, he comes back towards you and starts to lick you. This is his way of expressing with a kiss that by coming back to you he knows he is safe and he can allow himself a little break from some worries. With a lick, an action that transmits a sense of calm to the dog, he manages to restore a peaceful and safe state of mind.

The “I’m by your side” kiss

This lick is the typical gesture that our trusted friend gives us when we need to boost our mood. The dog is an extremely empathetic animal so by seeing you sad or not in good mood, your furry friend wants you to be happy again and maybe that you play a bit with him. The relationship with your dog is a mutual exchange, you are the safe haven to rely on and he is ready to give you back your love: this is his way of showing it!

The “I’m sorry” kiss

A scene that you surely have seen: do you know when your furry friend, after a reproach for making some mischief around the house, especially when he’s still a puppy, he heads towards you with sweet eyes looking for compassion and he gives you a shy lick to apologize? He’s obviously pandering and… this is exactly what we’re talking about!

The “attention-seeking” kiss

While you are peacefully sitting on the sofa you can notice it. Your pet seeks your look, asks for cuddles or he would like to play with you. If he can’t get your attention, he might start licking you to reiterate his request again. He’s asking you to spend time together!

Let’s remember that dogs can use many other ways to express their affection to us, through wagging their tails, playing with us, curling up in our arms. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that sometimes “licking” can be a sign of discomfort so it is important, when you are unable to understand our pet’s behavior, to contact an educator or a veterinary doctor expert in behavior. They will be able to help us better understand our four-legged friend.

And, what about cats?

Since they’re kittens they get used to receive many affectionate gestures like their mother licking, but they tend to have a different form of emotional communication than dogs.

They are a clear example of love towards us:

  • they rub against our legs or body, arching their back, with a straight and vibrating tail;
  • they purr as soon as we pet them;
  • “curling up” on our legs to fall asleep;
  • rhythmic paws movement as if they were “kneading” the cookies.

In their own way, cats can also be very affectionate, they just show it in a different way!

Little girl and dog are lying on the sofa with their noses touching

Cats know how to show us love as well.

We have therefore seen that the kiss, is not only one of the greatest gestures of love between human beings, but also a way to produce a deep feeling of affection with our pets.

Remember to show gratitude and love towards your furry friends every day, to let them know how much you love them.
Happy International Stolen Kiss Day!

Article written with the consultancy of Chiara Festelli, Dog Trainer.

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