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10 rules for a perfect holiday with your dog

10 rules for a perfect holiday with your dog
July 21, 2023 Yuup
un uomo, una donna, una bambina ed un cane di pastore tedesco corrono felici in spiaggia nel lungomare

Our four-legged friends are an essential part of our families and our lives. The moments spent together, the shared discoveries, the laughter, the joys and the memories we can build together with our furry friends are truly priceless.

For this reason, traveling with your dog can transform a normal holiday into an unforgettable adventure. But, as for every experience, good organization is essential to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We have therefore created for you this list of 10 rules for a perfect holiday with your dog. In this short guide, we will show you how to get ready for your holiday with Fido, to enjoy every single precious moment together.

Let’s start!

1 – Check the dog health before leaving

Before leaving for a trip, whether to a place near your home or to discover a faraway country, it is essential to ensure that your dog is in good health. Contact your trusted vet and book a visit before of your departure date for a general check-up of your puppy health and to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. Remember, in fact, that some tourist locations abroad may require particular certifications and mandatory anti-parasitic treatments. If your dog is in good health he will surely be in seventh heaven and you will be able to enjoy a simply perfect holiday together!

2 – Choose the right destination

Choosing the place to spend your vacations is essential when traveling with a dog. Each destination has its own characteristics and some of these may not be suitable for your four-legged friend. Before making a decision, getting adequate information is essential. Check the availability of green areas where your dog can run and play freely, check the dog accessibility to beaches or places of interest you want to visit, but also the presence or absence of any local restrictions for animals. A well-chosen destination, in tune with your dog’s needs and habits, is the first step towards a peaceful and fulfilling holiday.

Small-sized dog sitting on top of a map near a model aircraft and a compass

I would like to go right here on holiday!

3 – Check the pet-friendly facilities policies

When traveling with your dog, it is important to choose accommodation that not only allows the presence of pets, but that also accommodates them adequately. Not all “pet-friendly” places offer the same services. Before booking, it is important to carefully check the accommodation conditions for your four-legged friend. Check if the accommodation has adequate spaces for dogs, the availability of specific services such as pillows or water bowls and if there are additional costs for these options. A truly pet-friendly accommodation will make your stay much more pleasant and stress-free.

4 – Pack the travel kit for your dog

Carefully organizing a travel kit for your dog can make the difference between a peaceful holiday and one full of unexpected events. Before leaving, make sure you have everything your four-legged friend might need during the trip and the days of your stay. Among the essential things, there should be food, water, your puppy’s dog health record, a muzzle (to be used in streets, squares and public buildings, parks and gardens), his favorite toys, his bed house to sleep in, any necessary medications and waste bags. Don’t forget everything related to the coat care, the cleanliness and the hygiene of your furry companion. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to give your dog a complete bath, here are some products to pack suitable for the daily routine, thus you’ll be sure that your dog will be able to sleep clean and scented, ready for the following day’s adventures!

  • The Disposable 2 in 1 Wipes Shampoo and Perfume by Yuup! practical, pocket-sized and quick to keep the coat always clean and scented, just apply them over the coat at the end of the day;
  • The Yuup! Home Line Daily No Rinse Shampoo, a soft foam, suitable for frequent use, which cleanses and perfumes the coat without using water and deeply nourishes it;
  • The Duo Sun Kit by Yuup! ideal for sunny days, it includes the Sun Protection Spray to protect the skin and colors of your dog coat from the sun, chlorine, UVA-UVB rays and salt, and the Aftersun Shampoo to moisturize and refresh with a nice bath.


5 – Pay attention to hydration

Hydration is essential for your dog’s health, especially if the destination is hot or if you are planning physical activities with him. Make sure your dog always has available fresh water, especially if your plans include an entire day outdoors discovering your holiday destination. Our advice is to always carry a bottle of water and a folding bowl with you. And don’t forget that drinking lots of water is important for you as well!

Brown and white Border Collie dog drinking from a collapsible travel bowl for dogs

Always remember to bring water for both your dog and you.

6 – Maintain a daily routine

Dogs are extremely set in their ways, therefore they need a routine that fills their days. Of course, on holiday it is difficult to maintain the same habits that you have at home: the environment is different, the actions are different and even the day organization is different… but it is important to immediately try to create a small new routine for our four-legged friend. This new routine will certainly have to include a part of his unchanged habits, such as respecting the same meal time and taking his bed house during the holidays so that he can have a familiar object at night. This routine will also have to include some new small habits to respect in the following days, for a stress-free journey with your pet. And remember to bring the required food for the entire travel duration, or at least make sure you can eventually buy it in the shops at your destination.

7 – Never leave your dog alone in the car

When traveling with your dog one of the most important rules concerns safety in the car. It is absolutely essential to remember to never leave your four-legged friend alone in the car under the sun, not even for a few minutes. In summer, temperatures inside a car can quickly rise, this would endanger your beloved four-legged friend. If you have to make a stop, always take your dog with you, or make sure someone you trust can watch out for him during that short time. The well-being and safety of your pet should always be a priority.

8 – Carefully plan the time of the trip

A journey can lead to different destinations through different means of transport: car, train, ferry, plane… whatever the destination, if planned correctly, traveling with your dog will not be a problem. Discover our tips for a peaceful and serene trip in our article Traveling with your dog.

9 – Plan activities suitable for dogs

A holiday isn’t complete without a bit of fun, and the same goes for your four-legged friend. When planning activities, try to include as much as possible those that can involve your dog. You can opt for long walks, mountain excursions, games on the beach and in the parks, or visits to places of interest that accept animals. A vacation can be a great time to strengthen your bond with your pet, so try to enjoy the time together as much as possible. If you plan your moments with care and attention, you will have a few days of guaranteed fun.

10 – Give yourself time to relax

Travelling can be exciting and tiring at the same time, both for us and for our puppies. It is therefore important to make sure you have resting moments during the day, giving yourself the right time to relax and recharge your batteries.

A little girl is sitting on a rock by the sea while giving a kiss to her dog

A holiday with your dog is an everlasting memory.

Taking your dog on a trip can incredibly enrich the holiday experience, making it extraordinary and unforgettable. By following these simple rules for a perfect holiday with your dog you will be sure that your journey with your faithful friend will be safe, comfortable and fun-filled. It is important to remember that the key for a carefree holiday is an accurate organization combined with a specific focus on your dog’s needs. Beyond these helpful tips, our greatest tip is to simply enjoy every single moment. Because, after all, what makes the holiday truly special are the memories you can create together with your beloved furry friends.

Happy holidays!

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