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The best Christmas gifts for dogs and cats

The best Christmas gifts for dogs and cats
December 14, 2022 Yuup
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Cane e gatto tra i regali di Natale

Since the awaited Christmas holidays are approaching, it springs into action the rush to buy gifts for our beloved: between relatives and friends you thought about all, but remember you cannot neglect your four-legged friends!

Christmas holidays are the perfect occasion to show all the love we feel towards our pets, a good way to show it to them it’s for sure through some gifts that could make them happy.

But which are the best presents to make for dogs and cats for Christmas? Here there are 5 gifts ideas for you (and for your pets)!

1. A doghouse

Having a comfortable place to sleep it’s really important for our animals, and a little renewal of their rest area can be an appreciated present!

In shops both physical and online, there are a lot of choices, with different shapes, colours and materials. You will be spoiled for choice to pick the perfect doghouse for your hairy friend.

Make sure that if you choose this gift for your dog or for your cat, it must have two essential features: to be warm and comfortable, but at the same time it also has to be easily accessible since it’s highly important in case of senior dogs or in case of dogs exhibiting difficulties in moving.

If you are keen on do-it-yourself you could follow some online tutorials and build the perfect doghouse by your own hands: it will be a unique piece, 100% original!

A cat house it’s an excellent gift for your cat

A cat house it’s an excellent gift for your cat

2. A protection for winter

A quilted jacket, a dog coat or a raincoat, are a merely perfect winter gift for senior dogs, for those with so hairy, or for those who simply are fashion addicted!

There are a lot of types of winter dog coats: it’s up to you to choose the one which fits best your four-legged friend, the one that will let him staying warm – and trendy – also during winter walks.

Give your dog a coat for Christmas

Give your dog a coat for Christmas

3. A beauty product

Also dogs and cats love making themselves beautiful, and why not, we could prepare them for holidays: taking care of their hair, smoothing their paws and leaving a trail of Christmas scent in all the house! Therefore, why not making as gift a good perfume, a paw balm or a new shampoo? In Yuup! collection you can really find everything, depending on your pet needs and on his type of hair.

The real gem for holidays? The Christmas Duo with a Christmas flavour shampoo and scent: a sweet temptation of gingerbread, butter and cookies!

4. A toy

Dogs and cats are a little like our children, therefore why not giving them a toy for Christmas as well?

Little balls, tunnel and plush toys are perfect for both dogs and cats; scratching posts and fishing rods drive cats crazy, while for man’s best friends there also are strings to bite and kong which releases food while the animal interacts.

5. Something tasty

In conclusion, why not making holidays becoming an opportunity to taste delicious things for dogs and cats as well? Offering food to our animals is always a good idea: choose something they’re crazy for, a special dish you rarely buy and spoil them during holidays!

During Christmas you can gift something tasty to your dog

During Christmas you can gift something tasty to your dog

Our dogs and cats join to all effects our family, and spending holidays with them gives us an indescribable serenity: for this reason, reward them with a small gift it’s such important.

But don’t forget that the best gift we could ever make to our pet are plenty of cuddles!

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