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Shampoo for dachshunds

Adorable, loving and with an independent character: Dachshund dogs are four-legged friends who have a short or long, thick, straight coat close to the body, of a dark color. 

Taking care of their fur is generally very simple, as the quantity is never excessive, which is why you can also find universal shampoo among the products for Dachshunds, suitable for all types of coat and for frequent use. We then recommend specific shampoos and products, perfect for increasing the brilliance and luminosity of the coat, protecting it from the formation of dandruff. 

In this section you will find the best natural Shampoos and cosmetics, such as Glossing masksprotective conditioners and comfortable disposable wipes for cleansing away from home. For specific needs, you can count on ear cleaning lotions, which are indispensable as these parts are a possible weak point for this breed, and on balms to protect their delicate paws.

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