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Elegant, proud, intelligent and funny: Poodles have a woolly and very curly coat, which deserves a lot of attention to always keep it healthy, clean and perfumed. 

For this reason, the Yuup! products for Poodles we selected for you, include specific shampoos to cleanse and give volume and lightness, but also masks to condition without weighing down. 

It is said that every curl is a whim, that is  why the use of detangling sprays and brushing kits for Poodles is essential so as to keep their coat detangled, thanks also to moisturizing and silky products to nourish and keep the coat bright and elastic. 

As always, here you will find all the products you are looking for, formulated with the highest quality ingredients and extracts of plants, fruits, herbs and flowers, specific for the needs of your four-legged friends. 

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